What People Say

“I would recommend the home due to
the in-depth knowledge the staff team
possess and their compassion”
CHC Assessor
at Gloucester House
on 30 March 2017

“Staff were courteous and caring
towards the residents”
Nurse Assessor
at Noble Grange
on 3 October 2016

“I have been impressed with how the
team have managed the transition of
my client”
Social Worker from Local Authority
at Gloucester House
on 12 December 2015

“Very positive first impression of the
home – very person-centred that actively
involves individuals in day to day
activities and choices”
Community Nurse
at Raymond Avenue
on 18 June 2015

“Very Friendly and Professional.
The environment is very comfortable.
Both the team and the environment were very impressive.”
Advocate for person using service
at Gloucester House
on 6 March 2014

“Following the assessments, I am
content that the services offered are adequate and fit for purpose.”
Social  Services Occupational Therapist
at Raymond Avenue
on 31 January 2014

“Staff are always courteous and very knowledgeable and caring. They do an excellent job with people who have challenging needs.”
Nurse Assessor
at Gloucester House
on 4 December 2013

“The manager was very knowledgable
in working with people with autism
and complex behaviours”
Social Worker from Local Authority
at Noble Grange
on 4 March 2017

“A highly person-centred approach and professionalism”
Head of Quality Team from Local Authority
at Noble Grange
on 24 November 2015

“Staff are very warm and welcoming.
Their record-keeping is among the best
I have come across as a placement review officer”
Placement Review Officer
at Raymond Avenue
on 14 May 2015

“Modern, purpose designed facility
that provides a safe environment. Very
good and was most impressed.”
Parents of prospective service user
at Noble Grange
on 13 February 2014

“Well presented premises that have
clearly been researched and thought
about. Friendly staff and environment.”
Placement transition worker
at Noble Grange
on 31 December 2013

“Very courteous and welcoming. The
staff are very knowledgeable.”
CQC Inspector
at Gloucester House
on 26 November 2013

“When in doubt, tell the truth.” Mark Twain