Easy Referral Process

We do our best to make contact and referrals as smooth and simple as possible. We offer you a flexible referral process that makes sure a comprehensive assessment is carried out and a decision made on whether we can meet a person’s needs to a time-scale that suits you. Referrals come from a wide variety of channels including care managers, social workers, care brokerage departments, hospital clinicians or directly from family members themselves

Each person referred is an individual whose needs, abilities and personality are assessed in detail to work out their suitability for placement within one of our services.

We place a great deal of emphasis on  our pre-admission assessment in order to properly understand the needs and wishes of the person. This may incorporate information from many sources including the family, social workers, nurse assessors, previous placements, consultants and clinicians, and particularly, the individuals themselves.


To begin the referral process, please call us on 0800 112 3882 or email our confidential email box that is checked daily at referrals@noblecare.co.uk

“I was really impressed with the way all the care plans were put in place before the move.”

Emma – Social Worker