People’s Stories


Tony is 37 and has a moderate learning disability and autism as well as Fragile X (a chromosomal disorder that can make people prone to aggressive outbursts) and a personality disorder.

When he came to NobleCare, Tony had spent long periods in hospital after breakdowns at other placements. He felt comfortable within a hospital, where the external stimuli were well managed, but still required 18 separate medications. He had tendencies to self-harm, display impulsive aggressive behaviour and did not engage with others.

At NobleCare our team designed a set of care and risk management plans that got to the root of how his medical issues interplayed with his autism and psychological issues.

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*Case stories are a composite of the experiences of people supported by NobleCare.

“The team know my son very well and he is happy for the first time in a long while”. 

Ryan – Parent