Our History

Our organisation is as old as the century, starting life in 2000 as Partnerships of Gloucester before becoming NobleCare. Founded by general practitioner Dr. Gurpreet Takhar, NobleCare’s mission is to provide a safe, happy environment in which people with learning disabilities can progress and prosper.

Dr.Takhar was motivated by his own experience as a GP, during which he identified a lack of well-designed, appropriate care provision, and saw the potential for developing small-scale, flexible and responsive care services focused on the individual. NobleCare grew slowly and gradually, developing new residential services and providing supported-living services when the balance of resources and skills supported it.

Our aim is to continue to grow – but we will do so one service at a time, concentrating on our key areas of expertise and our home geographical area.

We will never compromise quality in order to grow our organisation, and wherever we operate, we will maintain our approach of providing the most appropriate and effective care programme for each person we support.